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The Henry Park Primary School Alumni Association was officially registered with the Registry of Societies on 1 October 1997 with the goal to reach, serve and engage all HPPS alumni.

The first executive committee was elected on 12 February 1998 and our first website was launched in April 1998.

Membership dollar enables this volunteer-driven association to foster valuable relationships and interaction among former pupils and staff of the school. It also aims to promote a true spirit of loyalty and love for the alma mater by providing alumni activities and useful benefits to our alumni members. The Alumni Association has also been supporting our school in many fundraising and school development projects.


1. To promote co-operation and friendship amongst former and present students of the school.

2. To develop a true spirit of loyalty and love for the school.

3. To seek the co-operation and active interest of former students of the school.

4. To give support, pecuniary or otherwise, to any deserving project.

5. To enhance unity and co-operation, through sports, social and cultural activities.

6. To assist in enrichment programs and to bring forth former pupils of the School who can serve as role models to the current pupils and who will act in an advisory capacity to them.

7. To promote the prestige and calibre of the school.

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